Environmental Guidelines

We at deineMaschine have made it our explicit goal to act in harmony with our environment in all our business activities. We want to make our contribution to protecting and preserving it.

We have high standards and have established the following environmental guidelines as binding content and defined them as part of our business policy.

  • Together we want to protect the environment, save energy and raw materials, and use them sparingly. We promote environmental awareness among our employees.
  • We want to leave our children an environment worth living in and are committed to a balanced relationship between ecology and economy.
  • We integrate our environmentally relevant business processes into our management system and continue to improve.
  • We comply with environmentally relevant requirements and laws. We are committed to complying with relevant regulations, laws and requirements relating to environmental protection and also occupational safety and also aim to achieve our own objectives.
  • We try to operate sustainably wherever possible.
  • We use energy, raw materials and water sparingly.
  • Already in the construction and design of our machines and plants, we pay attention to their economy and to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
  • We keep environmental pollution such as waste water, waste, emissions, and noise as low as possible.