Spin Tester eSpin

Spin testers are indispensable for the development, prototype testing, quality assurance and production of rotors to be investigated by their rotation in the centrifugal field.​

Typical areas of application are:​

  • Burst tests (To determine rotor limits and confirm models)​
  • Strength tests (For quality assurance, in the specified overspeed ranges)​
  • Material consolidation (by accelerating into the flow area of the material)​
  • HCF-Tests (Testing jet engine parts under operating conditions)​
  • LCF-Tests (Investigate material fatigue over time and load changes)​

Mechanical Design of an eSpin Series Spin Tester

Our revolutionary electric direct drive is the core of the machine. Thanks to the innovative modular system, we can achieve the finest gradations depending on the required speed and rotor weight. Here, we rely on variable axial bearings and different motors that are used depending on the load requirement profile. Thanks to the direct drive concept, we completely dispense with toothed components and minimize the number of rotating parts. This keeps our machine reliable and low-maintenance. In the event of a burst, the drive is protected by a standardized shaft mounting. Regular maintenance of the direct drives can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.​

The most obvious characteristic of our eSpin is the vacuum-tight vessel with integrated burst protection. Our special safety concept prevents fragments from ejecting from the vessel in the event of a burst by means of an almost circumferential lid lock and a constructive labyrinth seal. This also provides adequate protection against dust explosions and the resulting internal overpressure. Multi-layer protective rings absorb the kinetic energy of the fragments of a ruptured rotor and absorb them.​

Up to a size of the eSpin 1000 (max. rotor diameter 1,000 mm or ~39,4 inch), the machine is installed directly on the hall floor and fits through standard hall doors thanks to the optimized design with a height of less than 4 meters or 157,5 inch. This simplifies the insertion as part of the installation and reduces the requirements for the installation site in terms of hall height and the usability of overhead cranes.​


In addition to the burst protection and lid locking, numerous monitoring systems ensure safety. Automatic shutdown of the machine in case of increased vibrations, pressure and temperature monitoring, monitoring of safety-relevant functions such as anti-trap protection, etc. are included as standard. Due to our prudent design, our spin testers are only slightly louder in operation (less than 75 dB(A)) than a standard vacuum cleaner (approx. 70 dB(A)).​

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to our worldwide unique direct drive concept, our eSpin is the market leader in terms of energy efficiency. In the application range up to 250,000 rpm, we need around 85% less energy for the same acceleration and deceleration ramps compared to other machines available on the market. This is not only good for the operating performance in long-term tests (LCF tests) but also our active contribution to environmental protection through the conscientious use of resources.​


Our central, computer-aided control and measurement data acquisition system is available in several gradations. In the basic version, all machine-relevant data are recorded and stored rotor-specifically. The essential data includes e.g. speed, shaft vibration, vacuum, temperatures, performance parameters and many more. The user-friendly interface can be operated intuitively.​

With the optional extensions we also offer the possibility of expansion measurements, vibration reduction (“balancing in the spin tester”), trend analysis – live on the spin tester display or offline at the desk.​


We offer a wide range of options for spin testers. These can be installed directly in a new machine or easily retrofitted later. Common options are heating and cooling of the rotor, measuring equipment for expansion measurement or condition monitoring during endurance tests, telemetry system, high-speed camera and more.